About Me

Whitley Porter: Daughter, friend, life coach and entrepreneur. Whitley is an activist for inspiration. She was raised in Murrieta, CA and is the product of her parents’ biracial relationship, sharing the DNA of her Jamaican father and white mother. Since Whitley was a child she has always been a fan of inspiring people in front of the camera; more specifically her journey to stardom began in high school when she was offered her first solo talk segment titled “What You Talking About Whitley”? This motivated her to pursue a career in entertainment and arts where she attended The University of California, Riverside. During her tenure at UC Riverside she discovered her love for production and entrepreneurship. She began to produce events with little to no resource, and managed to leave a huge impact on the campus which in return generated media coverage and sold out events.

In 2012 Whitley launched her self-titled talk show which covered issues primarily dealing with helping people successfully manage their life and the issues that they face. She began to develop a deep passion to empower and resource people, primarily women, to live their best life and be their best selves. Whitley currently produces weekly inspirational segments on her social media platforms called “Whitley Wednesdays” that generate hundreds of views. In 2016 she graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Masters of Divinity and has since used her experience as a Pastor and theologian to help others manage through the stress of life. Since launching her lifecoaching business Whitley has also launched Whitley Porter Productions in an attempt to produce thought provoking creative projects that cater to the generation of millenials looking for a catalyst for world change. In 2017 Whitley became the author of two books “The Breakup” and “10 Ways, 10 Days to Live Your Best Life”. She has been featured as a speaker at conferences, podcasts, and events within the area.

Whitley currently resides in the Inland Empire where she is often found inspiring women and people at large to DREAM OUT LOUD!